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Since decades, SAP HANA is the greatest technological leap in the SAP world. From the technical as well as from the users point of view, far-reaching opportunities and perspectives are resulting. They are described on numerous websites and thus shall not be deepened here in detail.
Not mentioned on the respective websites or rarely to be found are statements about typical difficulties identified in the implementation of HANA.

Overcome the Bottleneck

In our experience almost every HANA project suffers from a typical 'bottleneck': the customer specific coding. To a considerable proportion this applies to the 'SELECT' statements (except for SELECT SINGLE). Without a technical redesign these SELECTs produce incorrect results.
The tools offered by SAP help to analyze but are far from identifying all critical program points and routines from the HANA persepective.
For this purpose and as an add-on to the SAP standard we have developed tools that identify the respective items and modify them automatically, except for a few cases. From the technical point of view the conversion is simple. However, when converting manually the sheer volume of cases leads to significant efforts.

HANA Requires Rethinking

Another particularity of the HANA world is the impact on the future work of your development staff. The possibilities and requirements deriving from SAP HANA are considerable and anything but easy. If and only if you take this into account, you can exploit the full potential of HANA.
The main consequence is: Your company's development department must rethink. Simply by seminars, the changes brought by HANA cannot be managed.

Take Advantage of clavis' Knowledge

We will be glad to coach and to guide you with all these work steps and learning processes.
The major advantage at the implementation of HANA: Not everything must be done simultaneously and at once.
We have closely followed the technological development of SAP HANA from the very beginning and we were involved in different HANA implementation projects. Contact us. We are pleased to support you with your projects.

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