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Perfect Organisation of Your Order Control

Ideally a customer order passes smoothly through all steps of the order processing. Nevertheless often situations occur that require manual intervention, such as master data errors, price deviation, picking and transport problems, complaints or return shipments. It is part of the customer service's job to deal with all those exceptions.

In most of the companies the single service staff members are assigned to different tasks – this is also reflected by the standard transactions of the relevant SAP modules (SD, LE, FI etc.). This specialisation can result in communication problems, process variations and asynchronous data and thus often is very problematic. E.g. erroneous master data in IDoc processing often result in delivery delays, because the completion of the order entry is deferred. If as a consequence the customer is dissatisfied, the risk of reduced payments and/or complaints increases.

Overlooking the Entire Process Chain at Any Time

With clavisTaskpilot we provide you a solution that helps you to adapt your business processes optimally to the requirements of your customer service. Instead of assigning single tasks to different employees, with clavisTaskpilot you position the customer into the centre of processing. That means, every service staff member cares for a well-defined client base and is responsible for all tasks concerning this very customer group. That way you get automatically the successive problem of any exception under control, and all these incidents can be processed shortly. The benefit for your customers is obvious: Henceforth they have one single contact person, who is well informed about every process of his client base.

Our process model is supplied by an effective software tool that can be integrated seamlessly into your IT architecture. With clavisTaskpilot we enable your customer service to illustrate all problematic situations cross-process for a specific customer group with help of your IT. Instead of clicking through different standard transactions the concerned employee can detect the cause of fault at a glance and see how to solve the problem. Additionally the application provides comfortable navigation features that enable the user to switch directly to standard transactions if required.

Examples of clavisTaskpilot Functionalities

  • The actual price of an article varies from the price, the customer expected: This is often the case, when a rebate condition didn't apply as desired. clavisTaskpilot shows you both, order position and available conditions. Thus you can identify the error cause with very little effort.
  • Picking is delayed: clavisTaskpilot enables you to define a time period for picking. If this period is exceeded, a warning is issued. Thus the customer service can react promptly.
  • A customer regularly creates high shipping costs by his orders: "Odd" quantities, unused shipping volume or frequently ordered low lot sizes can cause unnecessary high expenses in storage and shipping. clavisTaskpilot provides a statistical function to detect those customers easily. And in many cases an informal conversation can cause significant cost reductions.

With clavisTaskpilot you will increase the efficiency of your customer service as well as the satisfaction of your customers. We would be pleased to present our solution without obligation.


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