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clavis berater sozietät expressively admits their corporate responsibility for all employees. We provide for a human working environment and an adequate reconciliation of family life and work. At the same time we ensure the continuous training of our staff and promote working in teams.

Nevertheless clavis looks beyond their nose: As an successfully operating company we support social projects that could not exist without financial help of donors.

Blaumeier-Atelier e. V.

Artists with and without physical handicaps or mental disease work together in the Blaumeier-Atelier in Bremen. Unique artistic projects result from the special strengths and skills of all parties involved: Theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions. Moreover lectures are offered in the areas of theatre, masks, painting, music, visual arts and literature.
Everybody is invited to join or to help by visiting, buying books, CDs, and postcards online or in the studio shop or just to contribute by a small donation. So does clavis and thus helps to ensure the continued existance of the integrative artistic programme and the manyfold projects of the Blaumeier-Atelier.
For further information refer to http://www.blaumeier.de

Watoto Kinder in Not e. V.

The association was founded in 2000. Its objective is to support poor children in Kenia by providing them access to education in order to open up some prospects for the future. In practice this is achieved by providing support for the Gentiana Primary School in Nairobi. This school is located in a slum area. Because of the precarious life situation of the children, the school maintains a foster child service, a scholarship programm, and an advisory service for children and adolescents as well as an apprenticeship training.
clavis is sponsor of 'Watoto Kinder in Not e. V.' and thus provides a continuous contribution to improve the life and the educational situation of these children.
For further information refer to: http://www.watoto.org



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